In Favor of Group Training

What have I been up to?! Since my last post, there have been some significant developments in my running world. First of all, I joined up with Team Rogue! Although I enjoyed over a year of successful (not without bumps in the road) training under the tutelage of Caleb Masland of Team Wicked Bonkproof, I felt that the best thing for me at this point in my life would be to find a consistent training group of talented runners. I found this in Team Rogue, coached by former University of Texas distance coach Steve Sisson. Since joining, I have run on 3 relay teams (Zilker Relays, Car2Go Marathon Relay, Haunted Half Relay) and raced a huge PR at the IBM Uptown Classic 10k (38:47;down from 47:44). I’ve also done a day of volunteering as a pacer with theMarathon High organization.

Zilker Relays

Car2Go Marathon Relay

IBM Uptown Classic 10k

Now, it could be argued that I could have seen this success if I had continued to train solo with a coach at a distance, and that’s probably true, but I can’t quite describe how much more enjoyable running is now. When I was training alone, it was very easy to shut off the alarm clock and go back to sleep, convincing myself that more sleep would be better for me than a 10 mile easy. Now, I wake up to my alarm and get myself ready for a social engagement, to go see my friends who are also getting themselves up before dawn to hang out (oh, and do some running). We typically run in a huge pack during the easier sections of the run, so we’re able to talk and socialize about whatever is on our minds at that given moment. It’s a special place, as there are few people who understand runners quite like other runners. Even America’s marathon darling, Ryan Hall, has admitted that he wants to start incorporating more group running into his training. It works well for the Kenyans, after all.

Me, Leslie, and Jake after the Haunted Half Relay

Someday, if my path leads me there, I may return to training on my own. But at this moment, I feel extremely blessed to be part of Team Rogue.


2 thoughts on “In Favor of Group Training”

  1. Hi Tyler, I found your blog through your review published on Runblogger. I’ll be visiting Austin for two months and I was looking for a running group to join during my time there to keep on training consistently while away from my team in the Netherlands. Team Rogue seems like a good option. Thx!

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