Training Update 11/10/13

I ran the Run for the Water 10-mile race in Austin on 10/27.

This was my first 10 mile race (and the longest race I’ve ever run), and I was really excited to see how I would feel over this distance. This is one of the biggest races in Austin, and brought in some great competition. I decided, last minute, to run the race in a pair of Saucony Kinvara 3s because I felt that my A5s may have some issues on the slippery hills from the morning downpour that came in. I started the morning’s festivities meeting at Rogue, a quick foam rollout to warm up the muscles and loosen my IT band that had been giving me fits, and jogging from the store to the start with Mark H. and Baby Jake (about 2 miles). The race was delayed by about 15 minutes to allow the rain and storm to move out. Once it got underway, I latched onto some local Masters runners that I knew would have strong races. We rolled through the middle hilly miles before I let them take off. These folks would end up winning some podium awards, well deserved. For the race overall, I felt strong at the end, but thought I let myself get a little too relaxed in the hills and could have held onto some of my pace. This was a good learning experience. My official time came through at 1:04:32 (6:29/mile pace) and 44th out of 1834 participants.

As some of you know, I’ve been avoiding committing to a marathon for a while. I have been registered for 3 different marathons that I hurt myself trying to train for, so I wanted to get some good, healthy, and consistent training under my belt before going after it again. That time has come.

Having been registered for the Aramco Houston Half Marathon for several months, I had the option to paying a small fee and switching this to the Chevron Houston Marathon. I pulled the trigger after a series of positive training runs that gave me the confidence I needed. I will be running my first marathon on January 19, 2014, in Houston, Texas. My soft goal is to come away with a Boston qualifier (3:05), but my training will be focused around going under 3 hours. My training volume has been steady, paces are right on, my body is adapting to the work very positively, and I have 10 whole weeks of quality to come away with a solid debut. With the way things are currently going, the question will not be *IF* I can run sub-3, but *HOW FAR* under this mark I can go. I’ll be adjusting my goal according to my training, rather than adjusting my training according to my goals. Stay tuned!


2 thoughts on “Training Update 11/10/13”

  1. Good luck Tyler. I was at the Houston Houston Marathon a couple of years ago, but didn’t run. They put on a great race and I’m sure you’re going to crush it. Also, nice review on

    1. Thank you, Dan. I would be a liar if I didn’t admit some nervous anxieties, but I really have to trust in my dedication and the work I’ve put in and what I have yet to accomplish over the next 8 weeks. Thanks for your feedback, and continue to stop by for updates and more reviews!

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