adidas Supernova Glide 6 Boost Review


Let’s talk Boost! I wasn’t looking for these shoes when I received them. I was even pretty apprehensive and perhaps somewhat uninterested when I initially read about them. I had already been spending a considerable amount of time doing long training miles in the Saucony Ride 6, and probably didn’t need another shoe to add to the rotation. Unlike most shoe reviewers, I’m looking for a limited selection of shoes that I can rely upon to be part of my go-to arsenal of tools in training. That being said, I attended the adidas party held during The Running Event, an annual running tradeshow hosted here in Austin, and received a pair of the adidas Supernova Glide 6 Boost.

Here I am at the adidas party with Olympic Gold Medalist Jeremy Wariner.

I’ve put about 100 miles on these shoes and here are some things I’ve noticed.


These are some good looking kicks. The colorway is attractive and the whole shoe looks very well balanced. They are a heavier trainer, coming in at about 10.5 ounces. Even though the Glide Boost seems to be a smaller shoe, they weigh about an ounce heavier than my Saucony Ride 6. I have yet to find exact specifications on the shoe, but I’ll guess that they borrowed the heel to toe offset of 11mm from earlier models (Edit: Reps say that these are a 10mm drop – Thanks, Rob P from adidas!). Most shoes I run in have less of a drop, but I don’t notice that I land on my heel any more than normal. The Glide Boost is a traditional cushioned trainer intended to fall in the range of neutral to moderate support. The midfoot does not have any torque and there is a bit of arch support. The outsole uses Continental rubber, which I find to be extremely effective at giving extra traction in dicey conditions. The only time I’ve ever had much trouble was when I attempted to run down an icy gravel road that most cars were avoiding. The rubber is good, but it can’t work miracles. I would say that they have the best traction of any road shoe that I own.


These are my first pair of Boost shoes, but I’m happy with the midsole technology that has been put into this model. It offers a cushioned experience, but does not feel overly squashy. I can’t vouch for the energy return that it provides, and frankly I think the jury is still out on whether this is really a thing. I will say that it feels good, and that’s enough for me.


Conclusion – The adidas Supernova Glide 6 Boost is a good shoe for someone looking for a traditional trainer that will offer good traction, nice cushioning, and some sexy feet. They are a bit on the heavy side, but work well for those slower, easy miles that you will be doing in between workouts. I probably would not pay the MSRP $130, but all shoes are getting more expensive and chances are good that I will be paying this much sooner or later anyway. I’m impressed with adidas’ ability to develop a large line of products that will cater to the needs of many different runners in all circumstances. I’m looking forward to putting on many more miles in these.


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Tyler Mathews is the main author of Running Toward Dreams and an aspiring athlete.


4 thoughts on “adidas Supernova Glide 6 Boost Review”

  1. Fantastic review. I just picked these up and concur with all that you have described. I am disappointed with the extra weight. I see this as a lost opportunity for Adidas. Lighter means going to the Energy Boost model which is an altogether different feel despite the same 10mm offset. The large hole mesh uppers on the Glide is very forgiving and forefoot roominess accommodates narrow and wider feet.

  2. I’m hesitating right now between the Saucony Ride and the Supernova Glide Boost. It wasn’t very clear from your review which one you actually prefer. I do my intervals and shorter fast runs with the Adios Boost, which I absolutely love. But I have problems on longer runs, my forefoot gets too sore after about 15-16 miles. I added a NB 1080 to my Mizuno waverider for the very long and slow runs, but the problem actually got worse. I hear that Saucony has the most forefoot cusion, but I don’t like to heavy shoes either. Any advice?

    1. Hi! Thanks for the comment. I think both are nice shoes, but I would probably reach for the Saucony Ride. It’s a little bit lighter and feels more comfortable overall. I think the Glide Boost has a little more bounce to it and looks good, but it sounds like the Ride would be a great choice for you to do some of your longer runs.

      1. Thanks for the ultrafast reply! When I went online to buy the Ride, I saw that they had just lowered the discount on the Glide to -50% and couldn’t resist to get one while it lasts, only to see later that the Ride also was at -50% (versus -40% in the morning). So I just received both after my run this morning, the Ride feels softer, the Glide bouncier, let’s see how they will do on different kinds of run. I have a really good excuse to seriously “boost” up my weekly mileage now!

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