Nuun Review


Leading up to my marathon last weekend, I wanted to make sure that I was well hydrated and had healthy electrolyte levels in my system so that I could perform to my potential on race day. With this in mind, I chose to use Nuun electrolyte tabs in my water. In December, Nuun sent me a shipment of 4 different flavors of their electrolyte tabs to try out, free-of-charge. Nuun has no sugar and has only 8 calories per serving, so it is certainly intended for hydration and electrolyte purposes only, not as an endurance fuel. I will typically keep a Nalgene of water at my desk at work (I drink 3-4 liters of water/day), and I loved how easy it was to drop a couple tabs of Nuun into my bottle for some added flavor and electrolytes. With the temperatures in Houston reaching into the mid-70s, I’m confident that drinking Nuun was advantageous going into the race.

Flavors tried: Lemonade , Kona Cola (features added caffeine), Orange, & Lemon-Lime

Lemon-Lime was my favorite, but all of the flavors sampled were delicious.

Nuun electrolyte drink tabs can be purchased at or most local running stores.


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