Every time I go to update the training side of my blog, I push it off so that I’ll have more to report. The problem is, I’ll always be able to say this, so let’s just go for it. Since running the Chevron Houston Marathon in January, I’ve put in some good quality training weeks. This season is all about learning to race and get my legs turning over more quickly, so I’ve decided to forego my next marathon until Boston 2015.


My coach is modifying some of my workouts so that they are more focused on speed, with less emphasis on endurance strength. My long term goal is still centered around the marathon so I don’t want to completely let that fitness go, but I also want to work on an aspect of my running that is largely undeveloped due to a lack of competitive background. Going along with this focus, I’ve been breaking my mileage up into doubles almost daily instead of long single runs. Doubles make it so I don’t have to wake up before 4am every day to get my run in while still gaining aerobic fitness. I’m also participating in an ancillary class that is coached by Rogue Athletic Club athlete, Carl Stones, and meets twice a week for form drills, hurdle exercises, and core strengthening. One of my most profound observations has been that I’m extremely weak in my hips and glutes. Shortly before and after Houston, I started feeling some pain on the inside of my right knee, potentially due to the hamstrings compensating for weak glutes and hips and causing tendonitis in the knee. I think that the regular ancillary practice will help to strengthen those areas that are deficient and help protect me from future injuries.

First ever 100 mile week

On February 15th, I ran a 1600m track race in Cedar Park, Texas. This was only my second time racing on the track, the first time being last summer. I had no idea what I was getting myself into, but I went for it and ran a 5:09. Although it would have made me feel better to run sub-5 minutes, I’m happy to run a 42 second PR in any race, let alone a mile. I’m happy to see how far I’ve come since last year.

track race

In other news, I’ve recently agreed to a Brand Ambassador position with Skechers Performance Division. This is extremely exciting, as I’ve been a huge fan of Skechers running footwear since I tried the GoRun 2 last year and love their support for Meb Keflezighi. There is also a bit of sentimental value to it, as Skechers was the gear sponsor for the Houston Marathon, which will always be special to me. I’m very happy to be training and racing in Skechers gear.


Next up:

3/15 – Vern’s No Frills 5k – Georgetown, TX

3/23 – Rock n’ Roll Dallas Half Marathon –  Dallas, TX

4/6 – Statesman Capitol 10,000 – Austin, TX

4/12 – UT Longhorn Run 2-mile – Austin, TX

4/19 – Lockhart Kiwanis 5-K Stampede – Lockhart, TX

4/27 – Silicon Labs Sunshine Run 5k – Austin, TX

5/3 – Chuy’s 5K – Austin, TX

5/18 – Deutschen Pfest 5-K – Pflugerville, TX

6/1 – Rogue Trail Series – The Ranch 10k – Burnet, TX

Needless to say, I’ve got a lot of racing coming up. I’m excited to see how my fitness progresses through this season and look forward to dedicating the summer to developing a base for the Fall racing time. Exciting things ahead!


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