Nuun Energy Review

Several months ago, I began working with Nuun Hydration on testing some of their products in my training. You can see my original post here. What I found was that Nuun provided the answer to my electrolyte replacement and hydration needs while avoiding all of the extra sugar that you find in sports drinks.

Each tube contains 10 dissolvable tablets

More recently, I received another shipment of Nuun on their new product: Nuun Energy. Nuun Energy maintains the same great qualities of the original product (Great taste, convenience, necessary electrolytes, zero sugar) with the added benefits of B-vitamins and caffeine. In full disclosure, I picked up the bad habit of drinking energy drinks while I was a gamer nerd in high school and college, knowing fully that it is terrible for my heart, teeth, and sleep habits. Nuun Energy is a great answer, as the lack of sugar means that there’s no huge spikes in energy, followed by a devastating midafternoon crash. I drank Nuun Energy as a way to hydrate and wake up before the Statesman Capitol 10,000 and felt alert, but not shaky leading up to and throughout the race. My favorite flavor of Nuun is Lemon Lime. My only complaint is that I go through a tube too quickly!


Grab a tube of Nuun Energy to stay hydrated and balanced through these hot and sweaty summer months! It’s sold both online and at many running and sporting goods shops, such a Rogue Running.


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