Kara Goucher signs with Nuun


Over the past week, the running industry has been abuzz with news of Kara Goucher’s signing with Skechers Performance Division. As a Skechers Performance Brand Ambassador and fan, I can attest to the amount of excitement that accompanies such a high profile deal.

Another Kara Goucher sponsorship has turned fewer heads, but is no less important: Nuun and Company. This press release was sent to me and details her involvement with the company:

As you may have already read or heard Nuun has announced their sponsorship with Kara Goucher.  She is a very accomplished elite athlete and also balances her training with being a Mom of her three year old son Colt Goucher. 

We are Kara’s biggest fans and are proud to support her as she chases top results in the next few years,” said Kevin Rutherford, President and CEO of Nuun and Company. “Her combined commitment to athletic excellence and motherhood aligns with our company goal to develop proper hydration both for elite athletes racing at top levels as well as for families seeking no-sugar alternatives to juices, sodas, and sports drinks.”

She will use Nuun-branded water bottles at all elite hydration and fueling stations along race courses. At major running event expos in which she participates, she will spend time at Nuun’s booth interacting with customers and fans. Goucher will co-create website and blog content for Nuun.com, including such topics as balancing parenting and training, hydration and fueling, and race planning/strategies. Active on Facebook and Twitter, she will host Q&A chats where followers can get her feedback in real time.

“Staying hydrated during a hard workout or race is important. But just as important is showing up hydrated and properly recovering afterwards,” said Goucher. “That’s why I love Nuun; for its versatile use before, during, and after activity. Better yet, I can then turn around and serve it safely to my child instead of some sugary soda or juice drink. I am ecstatic about this partnership and the opportunity to evangelize the brand.”

With the addition of Nuun, Kara Goucher is taking a similar road to Meb, where he has signed with multiple sponsors in many different areas of the sport. Free from the fully exclusive sponsorships of Nike, this seems to be a great way for elite athletes to diversify their stock, decreasing the volatility and uncertainty of shoe deals with crippling performance clauses. This is an exciting, changing time in track & field!


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