New Year, New Mountains

2014 was a huge year for me, and running played a huge part in that. I experienced a lot of “firsts” and “bests,” and I’ll always remember 2014 as the year that paved the way for some really big things.

Let’s do a brief recap of what all went down:

First 30k – Rogue Distance Festival (January)

First marathon – Chevron Houston Marathon (January)

One mile PR – Rogue Track Festival (February)

Became Skechers Performance Brand Ambassador (February)

First half marathon – Rock n Roll Dallas Half (March)

10k PR – Statesman Capitol 10,000 (April)

5k PR – Sunshine Run (April)

First trail race – Rogue Trail Series: The Ranch (June)

First 8k – Run Free Texas 80’s 8k (October)

Half marathon PR – Decker Challenge (December)

Photos from Decker (Credit: Steven Yu):



Decker Challenge half marathon – Mile 4


Decker Challenge half marathon – Mile 4
Decker Challenge half marathon – Mile 4 – Racing in Skechers GOmeb Speed 2
Decker Challenge - Mile 10
Decker Challenge – Mile 10

Behind all of these race results was countless hours and over 2,300 miles of running throughout the year. You would think that I would look back and feel peace, knowing that I did the best that I could…


But I am determined to make 2015 even more epic than 2014. I’m starting a new job on January 26th, and I think this will only be the start of life changing events this year. I’m not big on revealing my goals to people. My coach calls this “releasing the power” – when you spread your goals to everyone around you. Instead, I’ll just tell you what my plans are for racing and my performances will be what they are.



Run 3,500 miles throughout the year

Lose some weight

Spend more time in the gym

Do more yoga

Post everything on Strava – Follow me!

3M Half Marathon, Austin, TX – January

Statesman Capitol 10,000, Austin, TX – April

Boston Marathon, Boston, MA – April

Spend 2 weeks in Colorado during the Summer

First Ultramarathon trail race – Sometime in the Fall


In the end, the races that I run are only a reflection of the work that I put in, and I can’t wait to share my work with all of you.


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