Six Weeks to Boston!

This post is the third in a series of weekly training updates leading up to the 2015 Boston Marathon on April 20, 2015. 

This week, I revisited some of the old demons that have haunted me in the past.

After having a great week last week where I passed a pair of workouts with flying colors, I experienced a bruiser on Tuesday. Last week’s workouts were operating a lot around my marathon goal pace (MGP) and only dropped to half marathon and 10k paces, which were manageable. Tuesday’s workout integrated paces and a type of running that I haven’t accessed in several months. The plan was to execute a ladder workout on the track – 1600m @ 10k, 1200m @ 5k, 800m @ 3k, 800m @ 3k, 1200m @ 5k, 1600m @ 10k. The 10k paces were a challenge, the 5k paces were really difficult, and the 3k paces were terrible and I felt my wheels blow off and never come back after the first set. My coach pulled me off the track during the 3rd lap of the last 1600. I felt defeated, and just shook my head with the reality sinking in.

Immediately, I had to start fighting off the dread and disappointment that comes from failure. Is my goal too aggressive? Am I not in as good of shape as I believed? Saying and typing these things publicly reminds me that those thoughts are ridiculous. I’ve been showing a lot of signs in support of my fitness level and one workout should not deter that. Instead of sitting around and feeling sorry for myself, I ran a long cool down back from the track and allowed myself to rationalize why things happened as they did and just clear my head of the negative thoughts. I was able to get back to Rogue and say “The workout wasn’t great, but at least I got my mileage.” Thursday’s hill fartlek was somewhat better, but with the hills and a 20mph headwind, it was hard to really make a good judgment on how I was doing.

We were scheduled for a long, marathon preparation long run on Saturday. The workout was 4 miles warmup, 9 miles @ MGP, 1 mile easy, 5 miles progressing MGP to hMGP effort on a rolling course. I focused hard on this workout and absolutely nailed it. This was a HUGE confidence boost going into the last month and a half of training.

Marc Bergman captured me at my finest moment.
Marc Bergman captured me at my finest moment.
According to Kim Wrinkle, I was updating my Strava post-workout. I think I just needed some breakfast.
According to Kim Wrinkle, I was updating my Strava post-workout. I think I just needed some breakfast.

Training for a marathon is a process. Fitness isn’t always moving up, but it’s always upward trending. I’m getting more fit every day, and attempting an aggressive workout that exposed some weaknesses just means that this is an area that I need to continue to develop.

Training for week of 3/2

Monday – A.M. 10M easy

Tuesday – A.M. 12M w/ track workout (1600, 1200, 800, 800, 1200, 1600); P.M. 3M easy

Wednesday – A.M. 10M easy; P.M. 4M easy

Thursday – A.M. 12M w/ 2×3.5M hMGP fartlek (5 min on/1 min off) on HILLS; P.M. 3M easy

Friday – A.M. 7M easy

Saturday – A.M. 20M race prep (4M warmup, 9M @ MGP, 1M easy, 5M progression, 1M cooldown)

Sunday – Rest

Total – 81 miles


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