5 Weeks to Boston!

This post is the fourth in a series of weekly training updates leading up to the 2015 Boston Marathon on April 20, 2015. 

We have five weeks to go until the Boston Marathon, and I can really feel the energy building up around me as we get closer and closer. I’m making some final plans for the trip, including scoping out the best restaurants and places to check out while we’re there. I grabbed some Sunday (April 19th) night reservations at an Italian place in Boston’s North End, which I hear is very famous for its Italian culture and cuisine. The restaurant is called Panza, and it’s very highly reviewed. 

On Thursday, wave and corral assignments were posted on the BAA website, and I was very pleased to see that I’ll be in Wave 1, Corral 3 for the race. My bib number is 2303. I plan to drink a toast on March 23rd, for superstition’s sake.

Screen Shot 2015-03-16 at 8.26.25 AM

This week was a down week for Team Rogue, and we’ll have two hard weeks of workouts and high mileage before starting our taper for the race. A down week, for me, usually includes 15-20% reduction in mileage and really easy running on the non-workout days. This physical and mental break is going to really help me focus and power through this last leg of the cycle.

Training for week of 3/9

Monday – A.M. 10M easy; Strength: Body Pump class

Tuesday – A.M. 12M easy

Wednesday – A.M. 10M easy; Strength: Body Pump class

Thursday – A.M. 13M w/ 8×400 @ 5k on the road

Friday – A.M. 5M easy w/ strides

Saturday – A.M. 16M easy w/ strides

Sunday – No running; hike around the Barton Creek Greenbelt

Total – 66 miles


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