3 Weeks to Boston!

This post is the sixth in a series of weekly training updates leading up to the 2015 Boston Marathon on April 20, 2015. 

Three. Count them. Three weeks to the Boston Marathon. Now we unofficially start the taper through to the homestretch. I’ll still be shooting for full volume this week, but most of our high intensity workouts are done, stowed away and ready to be unlocked on race day. 

Actually, my coach doesn’t like the term “tapering.” Tapering implies that you are phasing out of something, closing a chapter. In truth, we’re trying to peak on race day, and this means that I will keep running 6-7 days per week, and only the overall volume will decrease by a bit. I will also probably drop the evening doubles that I have been practicing during this cycle. But this will all start next week.

You’ll see from my training log that we had a 30 mile long run. You read that correctly. 30 miles. And we were prohibited from having breakfast beforehand or taking fuel during the run. This was my longest run by 3.8 miles, after my marathon in January 2014. There was some delirium and maybe one or two giggle fits had between our crew, but we got it done. Last big long run: in the bank.

Sunday, Ashley and I had the pleasure of volunteering for the first race in the Rogue Trail Series, a spring trail racing series put on by our home running store and training group. It’s always inspiring to get out and see the warmth and energy of a trail race, and I’m looking forward to getting out there after Boston.

Training for week of 3/23

Monday – A.M. 10M easy; 3M run/walk with Ashley Strength: Body Pump class

Tuesday – A.M. 12M easy; P.M. 3M easy

Wednesday – A.M. 9M easy; 3M run/walk with Ashley Strength: Body Pump class

Thursday – A.M. 10M w/ 4x (1600m @ MGP, 800 @ hMGP) continuous

Friday – A.M. 45 min Power Spin class; 3.5M run/walk with Ashley

Saturday – A.M. 30M long run, no fuel

Sunday – A.M. 5M Rogue Trail Series – The Maze course teardown

Total – 90 miles


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