1 Week to Boston!

This post is the eighth in a series of weekly training updates leading up to the 2015 Boston Marathon on April 20, 2015. 

Screen Shot 2015-04-13 at 8.32.16 AM

With a week left to the Boston Marathon, I wanted to take this opportunity to thank those who played a part in getting me to this point. I’ve put a lot of hard work in, but it wouldn’t have been enough if so many people hadn’t have stepped up to give me advice, footwear, and support. So often, I see these thanks being expressed after a positive race result, but I’m thankful regardless of what happens on the course next week.

First of all, thank you to Shelley Vatzlavick, John Schrup, Kathie Townshend, and Kurt Stockbridge from Skechers Performance Division for giving me the opportunity to represent your brand and allowing me to run in the absolute best shoes on the market. I’m looking forward to running the race in the defending champion shoes – the Skechers GOmeb Speed 3.

Thank you to my parents and grandparents, who chipped in to help fund this adventure, both with the marathon entry and the plane ticket. I’m really looking forward to having you there with me in Boston, Mom and Dad! Thanks also to my brother, Brett, his fiance, Emily, and daughter, Julie, for coming to some of my races and cheering me on! Thanks to my sister, Lindsay, for supporting me from afar.

Thank you to Doug Consiglio and Beva Chairez for the massages that helped work out the kinks and keep my legs fresh throughout the training cycle.

A huge shoutout to Dr. Dorea Wilder at Arise Sports Medicine & Rehabilitation for all the manual therapy, ART, and ultrasound to help get me healthy for race day. For those looking for a sports chiropractor, she’s the best in Austin (She’s also a very talented triathlete and trail runner!).

Thank you to my best running friends, Joel Stanford and Steve Chase. You guys have spent more time listening to me rant and rave about my running than almost anyone, and you do it with a patient understanding that you behave the exact same way when you’ve got a big race coming up. Thanks to Joel for dragging me through the trails around Austin, and to Steve for pounding the pavement with me at a moment’s notice.

Thank you to my coach, Steve Sisson, and everyone on Team Rogue. I want to thank specifically Chris McClung, Nora Colligan, Mark Heerensperger, Brett Whipple, Kirk Larson, Amy Shackelford, Gray Skinner, Brent Stein, Chris Kimbrough and Amy Baker for being there in workouts and showing me that the struggle is shared within the group and that I wasn’t alone in the pain. There’s absolutely no other adult training group in the country that is poised to do such big things this year as we are. Good luck to those running the Martian Marathon in Deerborn, MI this Saturday!

Finally, I have to say that I would not have gotten through this training cycle with my head if it weren’t for my girlfriend, Ashley. It’s easy for anyone who knows me or reads this blog to know that I’m excited about this race, but it doesn’t come without the nerves and tension and anxiety that happens in private. Ashley has done an amazing job, both in putting up with my grumpiness after a bad workout, to calling me out when I’m being ridiculous and reminding me of the bigger picture. I can only hope to reflect the same kind of support when her big race comes calling.

This was my first week for a drop in mileage during the taper period. Thursday’s workout was very difficult in the wind and humidity, but it was the last hard effort before the race. I’m feeling great! A couple days off and back to light running every day up until the race! We fly out Saturday afternoon, and I’ll write one more update from BOSTON!

Training for week of 4/6

Monday – A.M. 10.5M easy

Tuesday – A.M. 10M easy

Wednesday – A.M. 11M easy

Thursday – A.M. 10M w/ 6k & 4k @ hMGP

Friday – A.M. 10M easy

Saturday – A.M. 14M easy

Sunday – A.M. Rest

Total – 66 miles


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