Back to It

Here we go again. I’ve probably started a blog post with those words before, but that’s the best way to put it.

After a solid spring training cycle of about 80 miles/week and a bit of down time in May, I went into the summer hoping to lay a massive foundation for my fall training cycle. Things didn’t go quite according to plan and I developed a stress reaction in my fibula, setting me back for about 2 months. I did what I could to swallow my frustrations and keep up with strength, core, and crosstraining, but I lost a load of fitness nonetheless. I gained about 18 pounds over my race weight in Boston, and my breathing is labored going up stairs. Injury sucks. I put myself in a boot, and I felt my hard-fought strength drain out of my body. I tried to stay motivated with the idea that I still have a race in January, but it’s admittedly pretty tough to miss tune-up races and watch my teammates running workouts that I should be doing.

Finally, it seems that the tide is finally turning. Throughout this time, I’ve attended physical therapy each week with Mondo Sports Therapy in Austin and we’ve taken it one week at a time. For the first time in over 2 months, I’ve been able to log double digit long runs on back-to-back weekends (12M & 12M). One of the biggest assets to me has been running in the Skechers GOrun Ultra Road. If it hadn’t been for the cushioned ride, I don’t think I’d have been able to get back to running as quickly as I have. In September, I ran just over 30 miles total. In October, I’ve put in 128 already. I’m still not in any great condition, but I’m slowly starting to get my legs back underneath of me, and we’ll see what I can put together in the 3 short months to the Houston Marathon!


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