Spring 2016 Race Plans

For several months throughout the fall and winter, my plans for running and racing were simple: No plans.

I spent a good part of 2 months either taking time off, cross training, or jogging just a few minutes a week. Luckily, I’m past that injury period and I’m back at it. Running the Run for the Water 10-mile in November and Aramco Houston Half Marathon in January was my way of keeping something on the calendar to stay connected with the running world, but they weren’t truly part of any bigger picture. Here’s what I’ve got for the spring so far that will contribute to my long term plans.

2/14 – Paramount Break-A-Leg 5k, Austin, TX

3/5 – Twisted X 5k Beer Run, Dripping Springs, TX

4/10 – Statesman Capitol 10,000, Austin, TX

Here are the shoes I will be wearing in these races: Skechers GOmeb Speed 3 2016


I hope to see many of you out and some of these races! Happy Running!


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