Spiders and Rocks

Leading up to Bandera, I’m going to try and update this thing a little bit more in hopes of really documenting this experience for future learning opportunities.

After about a month of running 60 miles per week with a standard 16 mile long run, I’ve ramped up my mileage a bit to around 70 miles per week. The difference between this 70 and the 70 I was doing before Boston is the climbing. While the Boston Marathon requires a decent competence for hills, it’s certainly balanced much more between hill strength and flatland speed. Trail running is a completely different animal, so I’ve been placing a much larger emphasis on picking my routes and running on more hills wherever I go. A lot of these hills can be found around my apartment in Austin, including the Travis Heights neighborhood and South Austin (Cardinal Lane) This usually leads to slower paces and more muscle soreness, but I’m working with Austin Massage Company, Mondo Sports Therapy, and even just my foam roller to keep an eye on these aches to prevent things from turning into ordeals.

Another difference that I’m finding between marathon and ultra training is how the miles are split throughout the week. While training for a marathon, I would usually not go over 10 miles in a single run outside of the long run, and I was doubling several times per week. Currently, most of my runs are 10 miles or more without doubles, and my long runs are getting much longer. While running the marathon distance during training may have seemed crazy to me at one point, racing the Rawhide Trail Marathon felt like just another long run on the trail. On Saturday, October 22, I managed to bag 22 miles of mostly the River Place Nature Trail in west Austin with some of it on Big View Drive. Those miles also resulted in over 4,000 feet of climbing for the day. This past Saturday, I was able to get out to St. Edwards Park in Northwest Austin for some exploration and a bit of climbing, followed by a day out at Hill of Life on Saturday for trail hill repeats.

Trail Inhabitants


Some Trail Roots dudes cruising around St. Eds


Training Log:

Oct 17-23

Monday: Rest

Tuesday: 10 miles with 4M of dying on Scenic Hill loops with Team Rogue

Wednesday: 10 miles while coaching Texas Half Marathon group

Thursday: 10 miles on Lady Bird Lake with Team Rogue

Friday: 10 miles of hill exploration around South Austin

Saturday: 22 miles – River Place Nature Trail & Big View Drive, 4000 ft climbing

Sunday: 8 miles at Lady Bird Lake before Austin Massage Company appointment

Weekly Total: 71 miles, 6900 ft climbing

Oct 24-30

Monday: Rest

Tuesday: 12 miles with a few 30 second strides with Team Rogue

Wednesday: 12 miles in Travis Heights and St Ed’s with Steve

Thursday: 10 miles with 4 miles of steady effort on the Run for the Water course with Team Rogue – bleh

Friday: 10 miles of hills in Travis Heights

Saturday: 11.5 miles of trail at St. Edwards Park

Sunday: 14.5 miles of Hill of Life repeats

Weekly Total: 70 miles, 8,400 feet of climbing


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