9 weeks to Bandera

After a couple weeks of solid distance and hill work, I decided to give myself an adaptation week where my legs would be able to absorb some of that strength work.

Tuesday’s workout was not a huge punch in the mouth on paper, but after 8,400 feet of climbing the week before, running half marathon paces flat out sucked and I struggled. My breathing was controlled, but my legs just felt heavy. It’s on days like these that I have to remind myself that fitness does not exist in a day-sized vacuum and I need to understand my goal isn’t to peak for each workout.

Oct 31-Nov 6

Monday: Rest

Tuesday: 12 miles w/ 5 miles of hMGP work.

Wednesday: 10 miles in Travis Heights

Thursday: 10 miles of South Austin running with Team Rogue

Friday: 11 miles with 8 on Lady Bird Lake trail

Saturday: 27 miles of mostly roads; ran from home to Rogue, 16 miles with Team Rogue, ran back home – longest non-race training run of the cycle

Sunday: 4 miles recovery jog with Ashley

Weekly Total: 76 miles, 10.5 hours, 3000 feet of elevation gain

This next week will feature a long weekend, so my miles during the week will seem a bit scarce. Here’s when the fun stuff starts!


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