8 weeks to Bandera


When I first started writing a blog, I tried my best to be the ultimate pillar of positivity. People like chipper people without problems, right? The issue is that that just isn’t my reality. I’ve been injured twice as much as I’ve raced, and it’s just a common thing runners deal with, so I’m going to try to be more open from now on. 

This week of running was a unique challenge for me. I knew that I was going to have a bunch of miles stacked onto a weekend back-to-back long run (2 long runs in subsequent days to mimic long race fatigue), so I took an extra day off and cut mileage on one day in addition to the regular single day I normally take. I had a massage Wednesday night from the wonderful Carrie Eckermann at Austin Massage Company (Go see them!) and was feeling pretty loose. On Thursday, I hit a pretty hard ladder workout with Team Rogue at 10k efforts, which really forces me to get up on my toes more than the trail.

On Saturday, I cruised through a 20-mile long run at Rogue and laid myself up for the rest of that day. Sunday was the big day.

My alarm went off at the normal 4am on Sunday and got my things together. Hydration vest, water cooler, gels, rice cakes, map – all good to go. I drove the 2 hours to Bandera mostly in the dark with no traffic, listening to music and feeling some good vibes. Once I got to Hill Country State Natural Area, I was pumped and ready to go. My coach and I had discussed a 10-mile loop that would explore some of the tough sections of the Bandera 100k course and allow me to get back to the car. Things on the first loop were clicking off okay, but I hit a bunch of wrong turns and ended up with 14-miles on that first one. That snafu left me already in the hole hydration-wise and, mentally, I was getting frustrated. I decided to go ahead and get another loop in and this one involved a bunch more hiking than the first and I felt my strength floating away. I had intended to spend a lot more time out here, but I was doing a lot more walking than I was running. I was also consuming water at a faster rate than I was getting through the course, so once I got back to my car, I decided to call it a day and live to fight another day.

I’m really excited to go back out there in December to get another whack at it, and then really have my way with it on January 7th.

Nov 7-13

Monday: Rest

Tuesday: 12M easy w/ Team Rogue

Wednesday: 5M easy w/ Ashley

Thursday: 10M w/ 2×400, 2×800, 2×1200, 2×800, 2×400 @ 10k

Friday: Rest

Saturday: 20M easy

Sunday: 24M, 3000 ft climbing @ Bandera

Week Total: 72 miles, 4800 ft climbing

Some pictures from Bandera:





Recovering after the long weekend

One thought on “8 weeks to Bandera”

  1. Wow, big week! It’s so good that you’re getting practice on the course even though it didn’t go the way you planned. It’s going to you a big one up on race day. Also that spider!!:o

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