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Catching Up – Goodwater Double Marathon

Bandera 100k was supposed to be my breakout ultramarathon performance where I reignited the fire I had going into the 2015 Boston Marathon. As I detailed in my last post, that wasn’t the story at all. Continue reading Catching Up – Goodwater Double Marathon


Skechers GOtrail 2 

You can ask the very handsome John Schrup – I’ve been looking forward to this one for months. Ever since Skechers Performance started the GOtrail line, I’ve been a fan. I liked what was being done with the Ultra models, but I enjoy the finesse allowed by a lower profile and lighter shoe, hence the perfect fit that came out of the GOtrail. I enjoyed a lot of success in the first model, including a marathon and double marathon win, another podium finish, and countless training miles. Now, the second generation is finally here! Continue reading Skechers GOtrail 2 

Skechers Performance GOtrail

I’ve spent quite a bit of time lately talking up the new Skechers GOtrail, so let’s dive into some specifics about why I love this shoe. I’ve put about 100 trail miles in the GOtrail, and I’m truly convinced that it’s one of the finest models that Skechers Performance has released so far. Continue reading Skechers Performance GOtrail

Bandera or Bust

Since competing in the Capt’n Karl’s Colorado Bend 30k, I had a hard time keeping myself training while recovering from a hard effort in the heat. It was 101 degrees at the start and the humidity started rising as the sun went down. I didn’t feel too bad immediately after the race, but continued to feel the effects weeks later. I dialed back my training a bit and was able to just maintain myself by jogging a few miles throughout the week. Then Sky Island happened. Continue reading Bandera or Bust